IOT Gateway (GW1000)

The market is now headed to a phase where what is possible with the internet of things is well understood across industries. The journey to smart-business value creation is complex and when done right, offers significant opportunities. To meet the expectations of ever-growing requirement of market Vougavent has developed an IOT gateway GW1000 as the back bone of IOT solutions from us. This significantly reduces the time to market of our IOT solutions.
The IOT Gateway GW1000 is a highly agile product with ability to switch the RF protocol based on the customer requirement. The GW1000 is available in two variants one for indoor use and other for outdoor use which meets IP65
Our IoT Gateway enables faster implementation by making it interworking with a wide variety of sensors. The device supports radio frequency(RF) over a wide variety of specifications. As a result, all of the protocol for sensor connectivity such as Bluetooth LE, Zigbee , LoRA (Outdoor Variant – 868 MHz Band) are supported.
The cloud interface can be established via Ethernet or 3G communication. Also the gateway can be used as a web server for light applications.

Interface Ethernet and 3G (outdoor)
Protocol LoRa, Zigbee, BLE, Vougavent proprietary Lite RF protocol
Power Supply 5V or 12V with Solar panel support
Cloud service Customizable according to customer need
Transmit power 20 dbm with Antenna diversity